The Secret to Lasting Relationships

(by Carlos Bernardo Gonzalez Pecotche*)

 Two things are essential to maintain pure and fresh the love for one’s beloved and prevent it from ever weakening. The first one is affection, which being less impulsive than passion, ensures its durability, because if passion injects life into love, affection is called upon to defend and preserve it. The second one, which is as indispensable as the first, is our ability to dignify ourselves in the eyes of the loved one. This can only be accomplished through the efforts and concerns for the well-being of one’s family. This reaches its maximum expression when we elevate ourselves, through constant self-improvement, above commonness. Under these conditions, one will no doubt enjoy prerogatives far greater than the ordinary ones, generating a considerable increase in one’s mental capabilities that will gradually enrich one’s life saturating it with happiness. This is something that can and must be done in whatever age or condition we may be in, since the more prepared we are and the more cognitions we acquire, the more our well-being will increase, allowing us to hold in our hands the threads of our own destiny.


*Excerpt from the book "Mr. De Sandara"originally published in Spanish. Free Translation


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