The Hidden Essence of Life

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(by Carlos Bernardo Gonzalez Pecotche*)

"Time, for Logosophy, has a value that is present in all acts of life. By this we mean that through the use that man makes of time, he is capable of becoming somebody and of doing a lot, or of doing nothing.

This is why we always advise not to linger more than is necessary on the concerns of daily life, so as not to misuse a time, which could be multiplied if it were used in search of that which would give long-lasting satisfaction, in addition to helping the solution of problems that belong to the inner self as these cannot be solved when the concerns regarding ordinary activities absorb most of the time of our mental life.

Life must not be placed inside our problems, but rather problems should be placed inside our life.

Once it is clearly understood that the primary function of existence is not the one taken up by our daily activities, it will be easy to see how time can be lost and become difficult to recover. It will also be evident how time itself can offer us many positive opportunities if we make good use of it.

To recover the time that has passed is an arduous task. It is less difficult to go forth and meet the time we still have to live, offering it space within ourselves so that in turning itself into Today, and later into Tomorrow, it shall make life flourish in its most beautiful conception and reality.

Time is the hidden essence of life; it is life itself in its full extent. Let us regard lost time as the life that slips away from us without having lived it in the highest plenitude. We shall then learn to live in the consciousness of true existence, extending life indefinitely as we detain time and make it serve the purposes of evolution. Is this not what surely happens, when we do today what many people will be doing months, years, or centuries hence? One should rehearse the management of time according to our method, and see how much intimate satisfaction is obtained." 

*Excerpt from the book "Logosophy Science and Method." Originally published in Spanish. Official Translation.


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