The Art of Teaching and Learning - Part III

(Lecture given in Buenos Aires, August 19th, 1948 by Carlos Bernardo Gonzalez Pecotche*)

...The person who learns generously teaches generously; but he should never exceed himself in his generosity, by pretending to teach before having learned.

It is essential to have a thorough knowledge of human psychology to discover all the subterfuges that exist in man's mysterious and complex mental mechanism.

When one begins the heroic task of one's self-betterment, one must necessarily get accustomed to tread firmly, without vacillations or errors, and always seek, within the knowledge of oneself, assurances which, if do not exist, must be cultivated so that the fruits, that will later produce inner happiness, can be obtained.

One should note that the logosophical cognition is not the same as the common cognition though it may appear to be so. The former has a distinctive peculiarity that everyone can notice, experience, and confirm as one advance in his process of conscious evolution. This peculiarity is manifested in the fact that these teachings must be used in one's own life, and by applying the cognitions they contain in the daily observations of oneself, one achieves constant self-elevation that leads one to understand later, the universal character of the logosophical Knowledge. This must be remembered at all times to that the logosophical teaching is considered for what it is, namely, something new to the individual's knowledge, something that must be cared for with affection and dedication, without even overlooking any of its indications.

The transcendental cognition, which is the logosophical one, expresses everything that the human being will need to know as he penetrates into the mysteries of Wisdom. It is a torch that converts into a lantern that passes from hand to hand through generations to continue to illuminate the lives of those who seek, in their self-betterment, their own inspiration; the inspiration that also surges from observing the wise and noble examples recorded in history and, that the human heart also records, when it witnesses the cases in which one man emerges above all others to demonstrate the unequivocal character of a superior lineage.

Logosophy, therefore, has the mission to wrest the human being from the inferior levels of consciousness in which he finds himself and gradually lead him through alternate processes of self-betterment, to conquer the total conscious control of his human possibilities. It is then that he ceases to be a common man, a common being, and converts himself into a superior being, able to transmit his cognitions to his fellowmen and to help those who do not have the will power to overcome the hardships they must endure in life...  


*Excerpt from the book "An Introduction to Logosophical Cognition" originally published in Spanish. Free Translation


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