Advice From Father to Son - Life's Study

(by Carlos Bernardo Gonzalez Pecotche*)

Here are a few words of advice, which if taken into account will spare you many difficulties and much suffering in life. Soon after you have put them into practice you will realize that they contain precise norms for the exercise and benefit of your noble purposes.

In order to create time and accelerate results, you will permanently need the help of the words I put forth with full awareness of their efficacy. Consider them advanced payments of valuable mental capital which you will surely accumulate through your own effort.

Devote as much time as possible to study. Study with faith and enthusiasm, thereby increasing your knowledge day after day and predisposing yourself at the same time to conserve this knowledge. This will require the attention and dedication that we must always give to things that will be useful to us.

You should study earnestly and predispose your feelings so that studying fascinates you to the point where you gladly surrender to it. Do not interpret my words to mean that you should occupy yourself only with books. No, your study must undergo a process of permanent intellectual activity derived from the faculty of observation, which you may exercise at every moment and in all the environments that you frequent. Your life will then be a constant object of study. You will realize that no other study could be more beautiful than this.

The observations that you make of your fellow man as well as of everything around you will enable you to greatly improve yourself, correcting your deficiencies and exalting your qualities. Thus, for instance, the good and beautiful features that you detect in other people will be useful to help you reproduce them in yourself. If, on the contrary, what you observe in them such as their manners and conduct seems disagreeable to you, you can make good use of this to ascertain the impression that you would have on others if you had the same manners and conduct. Therefore, endeavor in every possible way and with strong determination not to reproduce in yourself what may have had a bad effect on you.

Your observations must be generous so that the fruit they bear will be motivation that will help you and your fellow man.


*Excerpt from the book "Bases for Your Conduct"originally published in Spanish. Free Translation


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