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An Introduction to the Logosophical Cognition
Bases for Your Conduct
Deficiencies and Propensities of the Human Being
Initiation Course into Logosophy
Logosophy - Science and Method
Logosophical Exegesis
Logosophical Interlude
Mister De Sandara
The Mechanism of Conscious Life
The Spirit
*Not available in English. Other books are available in Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese and/or French.

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"I remember that somebody once asked a wise man if mankind would sink into ignorance assuming that one day all the books that exist in the world were destroyed. And the wise man replied: 'Two things are necessary to rebuild immediately all the books that exist and would be destroyed: Nature, which is the greatest book in the Universe, and one mind that perceives and conveys to others the images taken from Nature.'"
(from the book An Introduction to Logosophical Cognition

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