Practical Logosophy - Results in the Individual

(by Carlos Bernardo Gonzalez Pecotche*)

We are going to outline the results obtained from the study of Logosophy in the most important aspects that make up human life. In the individual aspect, we want to emphasize the efficacy of the method regarding the accumulation of advantages that each individual credits to his personal achievements. Let us proceed, then, to the complete specification of the benefits which the individual gradually receives when, turned into a logosopher, he undertakes the process of conscious evolution. It goes without saying that such benefits are the positive results obtained as he follows, earnestly and constantly, the directives which come to his aid from Logosophy, results which can be summarized as follows:

1. He learns to conduct his life consciously. This gives him a vast range of advantages, for he knows what to expect from each circumstance, or when he confronts any special situation. He acts in all cases without haste, bearing in mind the significance of his life and the use that he must make of it for his future happiness.

2. He learns to become the master of the thoughts that act in his mind, and controls every external thought that tries to influence it. He knows how to increase, through the selective function of his intelligence, the number and quality of the thoughts that favor his evolution, and how to eliminate those which hinder it.

3. He improves his conduct, character and performance. The opinion which the members of his family, his friends or chance acquaintances had formed of him improves in a relatively short time.

4. He fully satisfies his spiritual inquietudes, sets at rest those of a psychological nature, and successfully manages his financial ones.

5. He acquires self confidence in his way of thinking and behaving.

6. His character - formerly unruly, irritable, bitter or sad - becomes serene, happy, and optimistic.

7. He enriches his conscience with transcendent cognitions. These cognitions allow him to delve within and explore his inner world. In so doing, he comes into contact with the metaphysical or transcendent world, the source of the eternal conceptions, since its powerful and force is of a mental nature.

8. He consolidates faith in himself, a fact that makes him independent from any kind of faith based on the abstract which does not withstand the analysis of reason. Faith in oneself is an evident sign of moral and spiritual integrity, and gains categorical strength in the free decision of the individual's will.

9. Finally, he attains his self-redemption, a prerogative granted to him by the law of evolution. It is precisely in the process of conscious evolution - which runs parallel to self-knowledge - that the individual finds, as if embossed, the errors committed and the debts he contracted during the course of his existence. Such errors can he amended to a point where total freedom from such a heavy burden is attained. This is accomplished by means of the acquired logosophical qualification; as to the debts contracted, they can be definitively canceled by doing good, consciously, as prescribed by Logosophy, in such a quality and volume as to more than offset the totality of the errors, mistakes, and whatever evil he may have done up until the moment of initiating his process of conscious evolution.


*Excerpt from the book "Initiation Course Into Logosophy"originally published in Spanish. Free Translation


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